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Latest Interview with Strings about new album 'Koi Aanay Wala Hai'
(Rating/Views: 7671)
No it's not called Dhoop. The next Strings album is tantalizingly called Koi Aanay Wala Hai. It's an apt name for the most anticipated album of the year. Strings, as one music aficionado put it recently now fall into the category of "classic". This Strings fan is well into his 50s. With their melody, lyrics by Anwar Maqsood and a signature style that they have never veered from, Strings have become a listening habit in Pakistan. And they've penetrated so deep into our consciousness that they're not going anywhere.... Read More >>

Ali Azmat: Second Time Round - Klashinfolk :Music Album Preview
(Rating/Views: 17921)
You will either love the album or hate it. There are no grey areas where Ali’s upcoming album, Klashiinfolk is concerned. Although this scribe heard this album right before it was sent for the final mix and master at Digital Fidelity Studios in Lahore and one couldn’t help but think how perfectly nice the raw, live sound that came through during the preview, sounded and discovered that not only had the album been recorded as if it had been performed live, but also that even after the final mix and master, the ‘live’ sound would remain..... Read More >>

In the Name of God: Will Rohail Hyatt's controversial new album confronts mullahs
(Rating/Views: 5726)
"This movie isn’t about pop music versus the Koran," explains Hyatt, who says he rediscovered his faith in Islam during the course of filming. "It’s about a horrific interpretation of something beautiful." An increasingly powerful and unchecked class of mullahs is misleading Pakistanis about the true message of Islam, he says. "Your dress and the length of your beard aren't what makes you a good or bad Muslim." ..... Read More >>

ATIF ASLAM drunk at a party in OSLO [with REAL pictures]
(Rating/Views: 37011)
Atif Aslam, a singer, was reported drunk at a party in Oslo. Some say its orange juice in his hand, some say its vodka. It is very clear from his eyes and face expression that he is drunk...... look at his eyes....... look at his face........ By judging his appearance and dizzyness in his eyes, for sure he was drunk. A complete disappointment, for his fans. However, this doesnt affect his ability to sing, it is his personal life. Read More >>

Atif Aslam - Meri Kahani: new album
(Rating/Views: 5887)

Rohail Hyatt of Vital Signs
(Rating/Views: 4424)
Rohail Hyatt was a founding member of the Vital Signs, the leading pop band of Pakistan for a decade. He was an integral part of the internal creative core and the entire management wing of the band. Together the Signs produced four albums and were under contract with Pepsi Cola from 1991-1997. Rohail played the role of band member, producer, song-writer, guitarist, keyboardist and manager at different times of the bands history. Vital Signs first hit 'Dil Dil Pakistan' was voted the 3rd most popular song in the world by a poll carried out by BBC World..... Read More >>

Pakistan's 'Prince of Pop' (Ali Zafar) kidnapped, then released
(Rating/Views: 3769)
Pakistani pop singer Ali Zafar and his fiancée were kidnapped from outside a shop here and then released after their families paid a huge ransom. Zafar, a model, actor and painter, is often referred to as "Prince of Pop". Over the years he has belted out several hits like Channo , Rangeen , Chal Dil Merey and Dekha and more recently Masty and Sajania. An unidentified man abducted Zafar and his fiancée Aisha from outside a CD shop on Saturday. Soon after, a call for ransom was made to Zafar's family, who paid up Rs 2.5 million to free the couple, reports in the local media said. Read More >>

Ali Haider pulls out of Indian Film "Osama"
(Rating/Views: 4495)
Ali Haider says he has rejected an offer to play the lead role in a Bollywood film called Osama after receiving threatening calls. According to him the movie is about a Kashmiri boy who travelled to Afghanistan but he evantually ended up at World Trade Center on 911. Ali was going to play the role of the boy. He pulled out of the movie after recieving threatening calls but according to him it costed him 10 million Rs. Hmmm wasn't it easier to just lose the name ? probably wouldn't get as much publicity otherwise.... Read More >>

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